Klaus is available to teach individuals and group classes. These can be organized, often on short notice, via email or phone. The extra cost of hiring a dance hall (often about 20 euros/30 AUD) can be avoided if you have a suitable space at home or elsewhere. An area of 3x3m is often sufficient. Payments can be done in cash, PayPal, or Bitcoin. The numbers in the first table are in Euros and the table below is in Australian dollars.

Below are the prices for Europe:

Prices in Euros (€) one hour three hours ten hours
one to two students 60 50/hr 45/hr
three to six students 80 70/hr 65/hr
seven to ten students 100 90/hr 80/hr
more than ten students 10/student 9/student 8/student

Below are the prices for Australia:

Prices in Australian Dollars ($) one hour three hours ten hours
one to two students 80 70/hr 65/hr
three to six students 100 90/hr 85/hr
seven to ten students 130 120/hr 110/hr
more than ten students 13/student 12/student 11/student

Pricing Examples

Example 1 (one student): Joe feels that his ganchos rarely feel comfortable and he also likes to do more fun things with his and her legs (e.g. boleos, leg wraps, barridas etc.). He follows Klaus’s advice by committing to 3 privates, which cost him 3×70=210 AUD in total. This is 70 AUD per hour person. Joe will dance with one of Klaus’ female assistants.

Example 2 (two students): Paul and Jenny want to work on their volcadas and colgadas and book Klaus for a set of three privates (e.g. 1 hour per week at a mutually convenient time and place). After three privates and some practice both have acquired a fun (and relatively rare) lifetime skill. This cost them 3×70=210 AUD in total. This is 105 AUD/person, which is about 34 AUD/hour per person.

Example 3 (five students): Five experienced Swing/Blues/Zouk/Salsa/Bachata/Kizomba dancers (2 girls and one boy) want to switch to Tango or incorporate some Tango into their repertoire, when dancing at their favorite club. Rather than going through months or years of beginners classes, they commit to three privates. This costs them 3×90=270 AUD in total. Because of their similar background and experience they can learn good junk of Tango or TangoFusion in just three weeks. They acquire the new skills for only 18 AUD/hour per person. The extra girl can dance with Klaus or an assistant. If there is an extra boy he will dance with a female assistant.